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Cultivation & Manufacturing

We have designed and developed indoor GMP facilities as well as, greenhouse operations with GAP outdoor production. We develop SOPs, Work Instructions and production documents for each client to ensure your KPIs and ESG are achieved. 

We work with clients to understand their company objectives to design a facility that best fits their needs. Clugston Group has experience with hydroponic in rockwool as well as Expanded Clay Aggregate. We have also developed 500 acres of outdoor utilizing conventional farming and living soil production practices. Clugston Group will reimagine your cultivation operations to drive revenues and bring down costs.

Clugston Group has developed and managed over 20 million sqft of cultivation space. one 50,000sqft facility had a daily production of 144,000 pre-rolls per day, 15,000 flower packages per day and a through put of 200kg of hydrocarbon extraction. This facility then became EU-GMP and is currently working towards ISO 9001 standard.

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